Can a lamp be inspirational…?

We are in the market for some new lamps to replace some that we’ve grown tired of. Obviously, we know where to shop, but in the spirit of fairness, we allowed ourselves to look around a bit at what everyone else had to offer. What did we find? Nothing that we fell in love with, were inspired by or wanted to bring home to mother, that’s for sure.  So, the next step was to do what we knew we should have done in the first place: shop at home (
Couture Bel Air Natural Blue Agate Table Lamp

Now this is a lamp that we can get excited about! This is beautiful, elegant and classic. If there were no other ornamentation in the room, this lamp would be enough. THAT’S what we hope for in a lamp! Whew. Got the lamp shopping done. Now on to the next item on our to-do list! Come see us at My Favorite Beach House!

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