Don’t worry…

untitled-design-31If you live in the United States, this is for you today.

Tomorrow is election day in America, with all of it’s associated stress and anxiety. Apparently, they have even coined a new term this year…’Election Anxiety’. Many people seem to be suffering from an acute case of it, understandably. Emotions are strong, tensions are high, some folks are frightened, some are angry. Whatever happens on Tuesday, election day, whether your candidate wins or loses, I am reasonably certain of one thing: Wednesday will come. Where ever in the country or world you happen to be, Wednesday will arrive with a magnificent sunrise and it will go out with a gorgeous sunset. We will get up Wednesday morning and do what we do. Go to work. Take kids to school. Make plans. Accomplish things. Create. Conduct our lives. We will help people who need help. We will laugh at ourselves. We will do our best. Because that’s what Americans do. We get a lot of bad press nowadays, it seems. The bad among us always seem to get top billing. But the good, and that’s most people, in America and everywhere else, are still out there being good. I guess the good is too boring to get much press.

So don’t worry. We are still who we are. We are going to be fine. The sun will come up again, announcing it’s arrival with a glorious display of color. Look for the good and remember there is more good than bad. And if you just can’t help but worry on Tuesday, I wish for you a less stressed Wednesday!



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