‘Celebrity’ traveling pets?! Giggle…

dsc_3170Ok, we’ve gotta stop reading this stuff…  A recent Travel+Leisure article about celebrity pup Chloe, the Mini Frenchie made us…giggle. We are no strangers to pet travel. The motley crew you see above consists of Missy, the Pomeranian, Tucker, the mostly Pomeranian, Shelly, the Japanese Chin and Roscoe, the Chorkie. These guys have traveled across countries and continents via car and plane. Not pictured above is Churro, the rat terrier mix. Since he arrived on our door step early this year, thanks to some heartless, soul-less idiot who dumped him out and drove off fast, he has joined the crew above in becoming a seasoned traveler. Mostly, they don’t care where they are or what method of transportation is involved, they just want to be where ever we are. When the Sherpa bags come out, they know it’s time to go somewhere and they are just as excited as we are.

I’m trying to remember whether there were ANY useful tips in the article we read… Collapsible bowl? Nope, we don’t have that. Weather appropriate (and, no doubt, expensive) doggie clothing? Nope, we don’t have that either. An Instagram account to post all of doggies exploits on? Well, we have an account, but our 4 legged (or 3, in Shelly’s case) friends do not. Special fans? Photographers? Entourage? Nope, nope, nope.

What is critical when traveling with pets? Knowledge and information. Make sure you know well the rules of the country you will be entering with your pet well in advance of your trip. Find out what paperwork and vaccinations you will need. Find out what their regulations are regarding bringing in pet food. Some countries restrict whether and how much of certain dog or cat foods you can import. Mexico, for example, will not let you bring in pet foods that contain beef.

Likewise, know well the rules of the airline you will be flying. Each one is quite different and you must make reservations for your pet in advance. Same with hotels, so make sure you are well acquainted with their pet policies. Critical equipment? For us, just our wonderful Sherpa bags, which are durable and comfortable for smaller dogs. Add in a few things you already have: leashes and collars with ID tags and rabies tags. Done.

Travel with pets, even multiple pets, is do-able and rewarding. We HATE leaving our fur babes behind and enjoy our journeys much more when they can share them with us. Our pets don’t travel like celebrities…but then, neither do we. Which is just fine with us. As long as we get to enjoy the journey together!


Can a lamp be inspirational…?

We are in the market for some new lamps to replace some that we’ve grown tired of. Obviously, we know where to shop, but in the spirit of fairness, we allowed ourselves to look around a bit at what everyone else had to offer. What did we find? Nothing that we fell in love with, were inspired by or wanted to bring home to mother, that’s for sure.  So, the next step was to do what we knew we should have done in the first place: shop at home (http://myfavoritebeachhouse.com/Lighting).
Couture Bel Air Natural Blue Agate Table Lamp

Now this is a lamp that we can get excited about! This is beautiful, elegant and classic. If there were no other ornamentation in the room, this lamp would be enough. THAT’S what we hope for in a lamp! Whew. Got the lamp shopping done. Now on to the next item on our to-do list! Come see us at My Favorite Beach House!

The plan for today…

my-favorite-beach-houseDepending on which side of the political fence you are on, if you are an American, you may have awakened to some degree of disappointment this morning. Ever optimistic, here at My Favorite Beach House, we accurately predicted that the sun would indeed rise this morning on this day-after-election day, and indeed it did….bursting forth in all it’s glory, painting the morning sky with color and hope. We further predicted that the sun would set today, as always, forcing our attention to indescribably beautiful displays of color.

The world will carry on and things we may not like but can’t change will always exist, but we don’t have to be bogged down by them. In an effort to find peace and rest for weary minds today, post-election, here is our recommended plan for this evening: We recommend that shortly before today’s sunset is expected to occur, you gather the ingredients in the recipe above, combine them and take your glass outside to await the display to come. While you are waiting and watching, remember all of the things you have to be thankful for. Relax. Take a deep breath. Remember that you did not have to see any political ads today. And you won’t see any tomorrow or in the near future. You did not receive any calls from pollsters and hopefully you won’t anytime soon. Remember your last trip to the beach. Take another deep breath. Mentally plan your next trip to the beach. Really look at all of the colors of the sunset. Marvel at it’s beauty. Keep planning your next trip to the beach. Count your blessings again.

Wishing you a peace filled day, from all of us at My Favorite Beach House!

Don’t worry…

untitled-design-31If you live in the United States, this is for you today.

Tomorrow is election day in America, with all of it’s associated stress and anxiety. Apparently, they have even coined a new term this year…’Election Anxiety’. Many people seem to be suffering from an acute case of it, understandably. Emotions are strong, tensions are high, some folks are frightened, some are angry. Whatever happens on Tuesday, election day, whether your candidate wins or loses, I am reasonably certain of one thing: Wednesday will come. Where ever in the country or world you happen to be, Wednesday will arrive with a magnificent sunrise and it will go out with a gorgeous sunset. We will get up Wednesday morning and do what we do. Go to work. Take kids to school. Make plans. Accomplish things. Create. Conduct our lives. We will help people who need help. We will laugh at ourselves. We will do our best. Because that’s what Americans do. We get a lot of bad press nowadays, it seems. The bad among us always seem to get top billing. But the good, and that’s most people, in America and everywhere else, are still out there being good. I guess the good is too boring to get much press.

So don’t worry. We are still who we are. We are going to be fine. The sun will come up again, announcing it’s arrival with a glorious display of color. Look for the good and remember there is more good than bad. And if you just can’t help but worry on Tuesday, I wish for you a less stressed Wednesday!