How’s the view from your home office?

Granted, working from home is a great privilege, but I have to agree with the Elle Decor article I just read: it can be fraught with distractions. The article cites the obvious distractions: t.v., food, and household chores that are calling your name, to name a few. Suggestions are made to minimize these obvious bug-a-boos, and tips for setting up a more practical workspace are offered. Here’s the problem I have…one of the things they suggest is to set your office up in a room with a door and lots of windows. Check. Now, you’ve just locked yourself in a room with the biggest distraction of all…your view. Trying to work when the sky is blue and the ocean is sparkling outside your window requires some self-discipline that many folks just don’t have. I managed it reasonably successfully while we were in Puerto Vallarta for 2 months, but I’m not gonna lie…it wasn’t always easy. Moral to the story? Make sure you have good quality view-blocking window coverings!


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