Funny, I was just thinking about this…

Well, we are finally home from beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico after a 2 month blissful respite from the chaos of our usual lives. Home is wonderful, of course, and we are glad to be back to it, but since the newness hasn’t worn off quite yet, I find myself comparing our regular lives to our recent lives in another country. One of the things I was just considering (I swear!) was Americans love affair with paper towels. I tried desperately to leave a brand new un-opened roll of paper towels that we didn’t end up using in a rental car in Mexico, but the young man checking the car in kept giving it back to me. And he was just about to clean the car! Couldn’t he use a roll of paper towels, for Heaven’s Sake? No. And he thought I was a nut for suggesting it. He had his buckets and towels. What would he need with paper he could only use once? How ironic that I should run across this Elle Decor article today about this very thing. I confess that I have been known to rely pretty heavily on towels of the paper variety. That’s ‘paper toweling’ if you’re Martha Stewart. I have promised myself that I am going to wean myself of this crutch, both for the sake of my pocketbook and also in a continuing effort to waste less. Here’s my alternative: good, quality kitchen towels that last and are absorbent. That’s code for linen, folks. You can’t know until you use linen kitchen towels how wonderful they are. Softer with each washing, durable, absorbent…they just get better with age. Unlike regular terry kitchen towels which I seem to be able to wear out in a month…no matter how much I spend on them. Trust me on this…one set of linen towels in your kitchen will make a believer out of you. Put this on your Christmas list…at the top!

linen wash cloth  | Handmade by Superior Custom Linens



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