How do you say ‘where is the bathroom, please?’…

Loved the great blog post this morning from Tremendous Times about her current adventures in South America: ‘Traveling to a Place Where You Don’t Speak the Language’. I’ve got to investigate The Flight Deal, which is where Theresa Christine got such a deal on airfare that she struck off for Brazil. Anyway, the gist of the article is tips on how to get by when you absolutely don’t speak a word of the language wherever it is that you happen to be traveling to. A few key phrases that you should probably know are included, and some other tidbits. Let me add my own list of language musts, just for your consideration. Number 1:  ALWAYS know how to say ‘where is the bathroom, please?’ in the language of the country you are in. Critical. Number 2: Try to speak in their language, no matter how much you butcher what you are trying to say. Just as we respect it when someone attempts to speak our own language, so will those in your host country appreciate your efforts, no matter how dumb you think you sound. Number 3: Cab drivers are always a wealth of information, and in any city where there is a tourist presence, they usually speak at least a little English. Now, off I go to check out what kinds of deals I can get on The Flight Deal. Bon Voyage!

Traveling to a Place Where You Don't Speak the Language

Omg…how have I never heard of this before?? How about 80.00 round trip New York to Dallas? Or 176.00 rt Los Angeles to Miami?? Worth a look, peeps!


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