Peace is seeing a sunset and knowing who to thank…


I promised to share one of our Puerto Vallarta sunsets this week, and I try to keep my promises. I have turned into one of those people who keep a camera at the ready for when it gets close to sunset. I guess next thing you know I’ll be wearing white athletic socks with my sandals… Please do not be offended if you wear white athletic socks with your sandals…I meant no disrespect. But I digress… Sunset is a bit of an event around here. One look at that photo should tell you why. I have not traveled the world over, but I have been a few places and seen my share of sunsets and I must say, Puerto Vallarta pulls out all the stops at sunset. Teasing pastel hints of pinks and peach and gray and blue get their chance to slowly parade across the sky, the opening act for the brilliant, flaming oranges and reds to come. It’s indescribable and incredible. Takes my breath away every time. They are all positively spectacular, but this was one of my favorites. If you had a choice between watching the news on t.v. or watching this glorious free display which required no satellite or dish or cable to view, which would you choose??  Wishing you peace and glorious sunsets, my friends.


Minimalist Millenials or Breaking Broke…??!!

I LOVE this article. Four of my children are ‘Millenials’ and I can’t wait to reveal to them what potential they have as big time savers…or at least non/spenders. It is ingrained in Americans to spend. We are bombarded with advertisements, pressured to buy at every turn. Easy credit is everywhere. I was going to say that it’s harder to resist for young people, but maybe that’s not true. Maybe us older folks, who’ve been pressured longer, have a harder time saying ‘no’ to ourselves. But resist we should, often times, even though resisting requires will power and strength that is sometimes hard to find. Anyway, I have hope for these young ones who obviously have that strength and will power. I admire them. So here is some hope for the future for you this Thursday… Happy saving!

One woman’s journey to a bikini body…

Well, I’m just going to share this story and leave it. Having the dedication to accomplish these workout programs at home is really admirable and took incredible dedication, at the very least. So here is our Tuesday inspiration, from Cori Abraham Fitness (

Cori Abraham Fitness

Meet Alyson. She lost 77 lbs in 1 year with T25, INSANITY MAX:30, 21 Day Fix Extreme, and Body Beast. Read what she says about her journey, and fist bump that like button to congratulate her for her hard work!

“To describe my life before starting with Beachbody, I would use 3 words: Tired, lazy, and overweight! In 2012, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and slowly continued to gain weight.
Enough was finally enough! I was so unhappy with how I felt that when my husband asked if I would do T25 with him, I said sure. I had doubt that I would finish the program, but I did and was very successful.

My biggest challenge before was finding the time to workout. Now I know that was just an excuse! Everyone can find 25-30 minutes a day to get moving and get started! I am so glad that Beachbody structured workouts for busy individuals that do not have hours to spend at the gym. These programs were designed for anyone and everyone!”

Cori Abraham Fitness's photo.

For the VERY budget minded traveler…

Loved this interesting blog post from Las Morenas de Espana shared by The Budget-Minded Traveler. The title of the post is ‘The Top 5 Apps for Traveling and Saving Money’. I would like to re-title it as: The Top 5 Apps for Extreme Budget Travel, 2 of Which Are Guaranteed to Kill Your Mother via Heart Attack if She Finds Out You Used Them’. I’m not kidding when I say I loved this post…this gal is a seasoned traveler and American expat living in Spain and is quite wise in the ways of saving money. Lots of money. She is not too proud to share a ride with a local looking for someone to split gas with or even accept accommodations in a host home. Now before you start calling me crazy or irresponsible for even repeating that, I have to agree with this savvy travelers assessment of Americans: we are terrified of everyone, thanks to the media that we watch. But, guess what, everyone really isn’t out to harm you. Anyway, even if you can’t handle the couch surfing or ride sharing that Gloria Atanmo advocates, some of her other tips are fantastic, in my opinion. I can’t wait to spend some time fooling around on and Revolut ( is a brilliant idea. Check it out, see what you think…I won’t tell your mother, I promise.

Photo via @GloGraphics

More on views…and the one I woke up to this morning…


Facing the distinct threat of death or at least total destruction last week due to the wrath of Hurricane Patricia, I am doubly thankful to be able to report that this was my view from the bedroom window this morning. The view is much different today for lots of folks down the Mexican southern Pacific coast not too far from us where Patricia blasted on shore bringing all her fury to bear. Many small towns and villages were over run with water, flattened by 200 mph winds and then buried under an unimaginable layer of debris. There were no initial reports of deaths, but now news is emerging that at least 6 are dead and 1 injured thanks to Patricia and her brief but terrifying rant as the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere. For us, however, the view remains unchanged. The birds are back, chattering and fussing at each other and the trucks and cars and buses are once again clattering by on the road below our beautiful hill. All the things we take for granted are back but now all those things seem just a little bit miraculous. I am once again reminded to be thankful of the view I have, whatever and where ever it is. May you be blessed by your views today!

Greetings from beautiful Puerto Vallarta…BEFORE the hurricane!

We are battening down the hatches here in Vallarta, hoping against hope that category 5 hurricane Patricia doesn’t cruise in to our peaceful and usually protected little bay. But before we put up the last deck chair and tape the last window, here’s what we were doing earlier in the week. Taking pictures of some of our favorite casual and swim wear from My Favorite Beach House. Hope we’ll be back with boring stories of the hurricane that wasn’t next week! Meanwhile, enjoy our view!


Kamryn is modeling our Strapless Twist Bikini in Matte Black ( and my favorite go-to casual wear for beach, pool or home, our Drawstring Gauze Pants ( and Gauze Tie Robe ( in Black.

What is it about the sea…?

Obviously, at My Favorite Beach House our souls are at the beach. I’m borrowing that line from a lovely neighbor I met the other day who has left her old life behind in the sometimes frozen northern United States and come to begin a new life in almost always sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. When I asked if she was here to stay her response was ‘my soul is here. It has always been here…’. Isn’t that a lovely revelation? You can fiercely and completely love your home and everyone that inhabits it, but your soul can stubbornly claim a kinship with somewhere else. For some people that never happens. For others, they are inexplicably drawn to the mountains, or the desert, or the lake. For us it’s always the sea. Nothing calms our anxieties, cheers our sadnesses, brings peace to our souls quite like the sea. Can’t explain it…it just is what it is. Where does your soul reside?

Gulf Shores - Meyer Vacation Rentals's photo.