Getting your travel mindset on…

Enjoyed a thoughtful blog post and video from Theresa Christine at Tremendous Times about ‘Getting Mentally & Emotionally Ready to Travel’ today. The article is brief, but has some great thoughts on preparing ourselves for the adventure that is travel. Even though I am usually not keen on reading comments after articles, in the case of blogs I do not apply that rule and I’m glad I didn’t in this case. The comments were worthwhile in themselves, and my favorite one which suggests saying goodbye to all your friends on social media so that you don’t spend your whole trip on your phone, is priceless and will be shared with my teenager. The most difficult emotional trip preparation that I face is when grandkids or kids or dogs have to be left behind. Hate that and there’s no help for it except Skype and knowing you will be home again… Theresa also wrote a great post about Travel Advice You Won’t Find in a Guidebook. It’s worth a read as well. Off we go. Happy trails!

10 Pieces of Travel Advice You Won't Find in a Guidebook


Saturday’s visual vacay…

Came across this interesting May 29th article in Huffington Post about places to retire where the grandkids will want to come visit. Then I made the horrific mistake of reading the comments after. I know better and so do you. Don’t do it. Just enjoy the article which lists 9 great places that I would certainly like to visit, grandkids or no. My grandkids live right next door to me so when we travel I have to leave those precious little faces behind most of the time. Now if someone could figure out how to send kisses and hugs via Skype, THAT would really make a difference in my life.  Some of these suggested locations, while fabulous, lack a beach, and obviously that is a deal breaker for us. For those of you who aren’t as dogmatic about such matters, here is the article. Personally, I think the best ‘beach-less’ option offered is Paris, and it’s a tough call on the beach options…I pretty much like them all, although Bocas del Toro, Panama is extra beautiful. What do you think?

Thrifty Shoppers Unite!

You have just got to see this. It’s the one of the cutest websites I’ve seen in a while called Part information central, part member exchange, it’s all about thrift store shopping. How great is that?! Is has lists of charity and benefit thrift stores nation wide, reviews of same, a member board where people share finds they’ve brought home and more. So, so cute! And while I have thrift on my mind, I will tell you a secret: our 10% discount on all new orders (pre-tax orders, not including shipping) is not yet posted in the store, but will be offered again for Labor Day. Come visit us now and consider it a secret sale just for you through September 7th! And if you mention in the Notes on your Paypal payment page that you saw this on WordPress, we’ll give you an extra 5% off to boot for a total of 15% off! Hurry…we’re looking for you at!


Happy belated National Dog Day!

Well, I missed it yesterday, but in honor of National Dog Day, I am posting this article listing 8 great reasons to adopt a dog. As the best friend of 4 rescue dogs who pretty much run the show around here, I can tell you that there is not a more constant and loyal friend than a dog. They love you unconditionally and expect nothing in return.  The tips in this article were directed at this particular shelter but the ideas apply anywhere. So, just in case you need 8 more reasons to adopt a furry best friend to go with you to the beach, here you go!

Sunglasses that don’t require a second mortgage?

Loved this quickie slide show on Conde Nast Traveller about sunglasses suggestions for the season. There is no doubt in my mind that these babies, which I am strangely attracted to, cost more than my car. Which kind of makes me laugh because while I like these (only a little – too frou-frou) (and actually didn’t like most of the others pictured) as so often happens, I just don’t get the high price tag. Of course, I could be wrong and these lovelies could be 10.00 from Walmart. But somehow I doubt it. So in the interest of broadening your horizons and paving the path to a better way, here are OUR suggestions for sunglasses for the summer and beyond. These guys do not have a designer’s name plastered across the arms, nor do they have anyone’s insignia emblazoned on the front. What they do have is elegance, clean lines, quality that comes from having been made by a family company in Italy, and a price that makes me smile. Window shopping without having to change out of your pj’s? Yes, that’s just what we do!


Cast titanium sunglasses, £745, Khaleda Rajab & Fahad Almarzouq | Best sunglasses for spring and summer


Sunglasses Deleven

Sunglasses Deight

So many others and all under 40.00 for gorgeous shades made in Italy! Love them all!

Let’s visit Nicaragua!

This great Rough Guides article about Nicaragua just served to renew my desire to go there. Nicaragua pretty much has it all: beautiful, old Colonial cities (including lovely Granada, which claims to be the oldest in the Americas), fantastically huge lakes, jungle and beaches to die for. That’s my favorite part: Pacific beaches complete with white sand and crashing surf. What’s not to love? Nicaragua is still suffering from the negative press of the last couple of decades. Most of us think Contras and Ollie North when we hear ‘Nicaragua’. But tourism is on this rise in this resilient country, and I fear that Nicaragua will soon be ‘discovered’ and I will have missed the proverbial boat. So come on…find your sense of adventure and let’s go!!

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My soul sister

Really I think I read too much, if that’s even possible. Nah, it’s not possible, but how I come across the stuff I come across, I’ll never know. In any event, if you know me you only need take one look at this picture and you instantly know that this woman is my soul sister…my secret twin, except that she could be my grandmother, maybe.

Iris Apfel's fashion and travel tips

She might, I said might, have me beat on number of necklaces worn at one time, but it’s too close to call. There is just nothing about her that I don’t feel an instant kinship with. If she were wearing a bikini at 93, I would be convinced that we are related somehow. Anyway, I loved this brief article with her tips on travel and other things. The flea market bit made me love her all the more.  Enjoy!